Boingo Wi-Fi For Mastercard® Cardholders

Program Details


Boingo Wi-Fi is being provided at no additional cost to eligible cardholders. Eligible cardholders will need to register by creating a Boingo account. Under selective circumstances, the Boingo Wi-Fi Benefit may be made available to certain eligible non-Mastercard cardholders of Mastercard card issuers

The Wi-Fi network service is provided by Boingo

By subscribing to this benefit, you acknowledge that Mastercard is neither responsible for nor guarantees the quality, security, coverage or availability of Boingo's network of Wi-Fi hotspots or partners, and you agree that use of the Boingo Wi-Fi network is at your own risk.

Use of the Wi-Fi services is governed by Boingo's terms

Your use of Boingo's Wi-Fi services is subject to Boingo's customer agreement, end user license agreement and other applicable legal terms and conditions, including Boingo's terms of use, privacy and security policies available at You will be given the opportunity to review Boingo's customer agreement, end user license agreement and other applicable legal terms and conditions before you enroll for a Boingo Wi-Fi for Mastercard Cardholders plan.

Limit of 4 Devices

The device limit for Boingo Wi-Fi for Mastercard Cardholders is 4 devices at terrestrial hotspots, and can include any combination of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. In-flight Wi-Fi is limited to one device per session. Should you wish to use multiple devices on an eligible flight, you will have to redeem another session.

Changes to Boingo's Services & Hotspots

Available hotspots in Boingo's network are subject to change at any time. Visit for a current listing of hotspots.


In order to access any Boingo Wi-Fi hotspot for free through the Boingo Mastercard Wi-Fi Benefit Plan, eligible Cardholders will need to first enroll in the Mastercard Plan through Boingo and create a new account with Boingo. Enrollment in the Boingo Wi-Fi for Mastercard Cardholders plan is limited to eligible cardholders only. Enrollment may not be available for up to 48 hours for cardholders that received a newly issued card or that have recently had the Boingo Wi-Fi benefit added to their card account. If after 48 hours, you are still unable to enroll, please contact your card issuer.

Do you have an existing Boingo plan?

If you have an existing paid Boingo subscription plan, your existing plan will not be automatically cancelled when you enroll in Boingo's Mastercard Wi-Fi Benefit Plan. If you would like to cancel your existing paid subscription plan, call Boingo's dedicated Mastercard Wi-Fi Benefit Plan line at +1 310-893-0177. For local phone numbers or additional contact methods visit

Termination and Cancellation

This benefit is non-transferable and may be terminated for breach of any terms or conditions, as well as for abuse of your Boingo Mastercard Wi-Fi account. This benefit is subject to change or cancellation without notice.